Thermal labels

Labels are made of thermal paper so no need for TTR foil use. (TTR-thermal transfer ribbon) This type of label is very widespread in the food industry.

  • ECO thermal labels
  • thermal TOP Labels – Labels are more resistant to external influences which cause fading.

Thermal transfer labels

Labels are made of paper. They are printed with thermal transfer printers through the TTR foil. (TTR-thermal transfer ribbon) The printing on labels is resistant. They are widely used as storage labels.

  • ordinary (vellum) labels
  • coated (chrome) labels

Pre-printed Labels

Pre-printed labels are designed for users who want to be recognizable with their product.

The user prints the EAN code, expiry date, batch number later on an empty space (determined in advance) of pre-printed labels.

Pre-printed labels are also used in the indication of dangerous substances.

PE Labels

The labels are made ​​of polyethylene. The material is more resistant to heat, water, UV radiation, chemical influences. PE labels are used for labeling inventory, electrical boxes, fire extinguishers, books, serial numbers …


Labels can be made with various types of glues depending on the purpose of use. The glue of labels can be regular or for low temperatures. Labels may also be constructed with removable glue.